Industry Automation Solution

VentureForce Global has been operating in BPO Industry as a sustainable business for the last 14 years and has been serving off-shore, on-shore, and near-shore clients in the USA, UK, UAE, and Pakistan. After spending more than a decade in Industry, VFG has observed a wide gap in the market concerning maintenance management of the industrial assets. The gap identified that the maintenance procedure in many Industries is massively disorganized and un-automated. After realizing the call for attention, VFG established a division for “Industry Automation” to focus on Industry Automation 4.0. For this purpose, we partnered with solution providers and integrators and created a Project and Engineering team.

Our Solution:

Once we receive the asset details from the client, we forward them to our Engineering team which devises the solution customized for each client. We divide the assets into two categories:

  1. Ready for Automation: For these type of assets their connectivity will be established with the CMMS software through Gateway with PLCs, DCS, SCADA, or OEM sensors
  2. Not Ready for Automation: For these types of assets the connectivity will be developed with CMMS software using sensors.