Virtual Monitoring Services - (VMS)

Are Your Critical Areas Safe? – Is Your Overnight Staff Awake & Working?

Virtual Monitoring Services (VMS) is a solution that monitors your business operations, critical areas and staff performance when you are out of your premises. VMS helps you to run a safer and additional productive business.

Get instant access to essential info, and get notified via email, text or a phone call – Your VIRTUAL SHIFT MANAGER is here to assist you.


Yes! There Are Some Critical Areas That Should Always Be Focused While Monitoring Your Employees

To run any business efficiently and to urge economic performance, you need to keep an eye 24/7 on your business.

Is It Possible To Keep An Eye On Your Overnight Staff?

Yes! You can monitor your overnight staff, if they are awake, present where they are supposed to be and working.

Virtual Management – That’s What You Need

Virtual Management is the right solution for you and can be called as a “VIRTUAL SHIFT MANAGER FOR YOUR BUSINESS“ that can check the status of your staff presence, location, and if they are awake on work and can keep an eye 24/7 on the critical areas of your business.


Virtual Monitoring Officers – Remote Performance Monitoring

We provide Virtual Management to run your business as you WANT IT!  by monitoring your staff & critical locations of your premises through CCTV cameras, in order to become virtual manager of your business, we also conjointly hear the communication of your staff to your esteemed clients.

Would It Be Beneficial For You?

By acquiring our Virtual Management Services (VMS), we enable our clients to focus on their core competencies rather to spend time on petty issues.

VMS enables your staff to be more efficient and cautious while serving your organization.

We Have Tailored-Solutions As Your Business Needs!

VMS provides 24×7 complete comprehensive virtualization monitoring / reporting solution, “WITH YOU – ALL THE WAY”, covering all aspect of business with detail reporting and on-site communication.

VMS Caters to the Following Services;

  • Stricly follow SOP of Business / Store opening & Closing

  • Reduce the Risk of Employee Theft and Pilferage

  • Monitor and Control Customer Care

  • Staff Management

    • Front Desk Staff / Cashier Performance Report

    • Staff Timing Report

    • Staff Break Time Sheet

    • Staff Weekly Hours Report

    • Staff Mobile Usage Report (during duty hours)

  • Monitor Inventory Wastage & Replenishment (In/Out)

  • Effective Incident Report, i.e., any mishaps during or after business hours (via WhatsApp, Email, Phone & Text messages)

Advantages Of VMS

  • 24/7 Real Time Monitoring.

  • Performance Analysis.

  • Video Proof High-Resolution Footage.

  • Increase Business Efficiencies & Improve Profitability.

  • Solid Support For Insurance Claims.

  • Observe Worker Performance, Productivity & behaviour.

  • Control Your Workers & Save Thousands

  • Management Reporting

  • Communication On Site & Locally

  • IT Enable Services

  • Affordable

Your Security Is Our Priority – We Are Committed To Serve You

Our confidence in our systems and our individuals is backed by our Commitment to Service. No alternative local security company will match our guarantee just because they can’t do what we have a tendency to do with a similar level of attention to client service. We are so much confident in our superior service that we place it in writing.

We Have Tailored Solutions To Meet The Demands Of Multiple Industries

  • Retail: Determine what days are best for business by watching once customers exit and enter at your property. Conjointly supervise voids, resale’s and returns by observation cash registers with live video.

  • Restaurants and Convenience Stores: Stop food spoilage and merchandise inventory by knowing once extreme hot or cold temperatures have been detected.

  • Small Business: grasp precisely what time your business opens in the morning and closes at night. Look in on your business while not ever going home.

  • Education: Guard against larceny, destruction and loitering by being alerted to activity in outside environments like building entrances and exits, car lots, rooftops, college yards and loading docks.

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