Financial Consulting Services

Organizations usually face some complex financial situations and decisions that requires expertise beyond the capacity of their internal resources.

Whether you are considering a divestiture or an acquisition, considering going public, or strategizing to position your company for continued growth, VentureForce Global’s financial consulting services delivers the specialized financial advice your business need for better opportunities, options, and exposure.

VentureForce Global provides financial consulting services to private, public companies, boards of directors, law firms, municipal sectors, private equity firms and individuals.


A comprehensive knowledge of valuation gives insight when negotiating the transactions, meeting tax and financial reporting requirements, restructuring investments, supporting litigation strategies, and more. VentureForce Global brings in-depth and professional experience to address complex valuation issues across all industry sectors.

Valuation Services Includes:

  • Fairness & Solvency Opinions: Related leveraged recapitalizations, party transactions, ESOPs, sale-leaseback, tender offers, fraudulent conveyances, and divestitures.

  • Valuation Disputes: Consulting and professional services.

  • Financial Reporting: Impairment testing, purchase price allocations, contingent consideration, and stock-based compensation.

  • Tax Planning & Compliance: Divestitures, restructuring, worthless stock, cancellation of debt, estate and more.

  • Transaction Pricing & negotiation.

  • ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans): Transaction opinions, valuations, and board advisory.

  • Employees’ Pension: Fund alternative investments.

  • Financial Modeling: Acquisition support, operational assessment, and capital budgeting.

  • Private Equity Portfolio Interests.

Due Diligence

We work with both sellers and buyers in connection with their acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, and several other strategic transactions to give objective financial due diligence services. Our transaction experts have years of experience of working with strategic buyers/sellers and private equity firms in different industries & deal structures.

Due Diligence Services Includes:

  • Quality profit analysis, including sales, gross margins, operating expenses and expenses Variable cost structure.

  • Analysis of net working capital and seasonal impacts.

  • Evaluate underlying assumptions and expectations in light of historical results and measures.

  • Truncated and Independent Evaluations of Abstraction Transactions.

  • Balance sheet analysis, including identification of debt and debt-like items.

  • Evaluate key accounting policies and internal controls, including quality of staff and closing procedures.

Litigation Services

In both challenging and expansionary economic times, fraudulent activities, various of business failures, and financial irregularities has now increased the requirements for litigation services. Our certified professionals are experienced enough to resolve these complex issues.

Litigation Services Includes:

  • Corporate Disputes: Breach of contract, damages, and negligence.

  • Family Law: Financial experts and impartial financial services for divorce and child support.

  • Shareholder Disputes: Closely related companies, valuation rights, external lobbying, personnel, and class actions.

  • Municipal Disputes: Featured field, right of use, and regulatory bodies.

  • Post-Acquisition Dispute Resolution: Working capital, purchase price, and distortions

  • Expert Testimony: Loss of profits, economic damage and depreciation.

  • Regulatory investigations: Financial advice and expert services.

  • Identification and recovery of assets.


We work closely with attorneys, senior executives, and trustees to facilitate an efficient transparent and analytical process.

Restructuring Services Includes:

  • Expert Testimony: Solvency analysis and opinions.

  • Preference analysis and fraudulent transfer.

  • Preloaded reorganization plan.

  • Buy emergency cash and long-term capital.

  • Restructuring of existing debt and equity.

  • Sell non-essential businesses.

  • Structuring and negotiation of reorganization plans.