Tax Preparation Services

We also provide federal tax preparation services for individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises. In addition to preparing and filing the tax return for the current year electronically, we can submit your extension request, file tax returns from previous years, and modify the pre-filing. We also provide the government’s income tax preparation services when appropriate.

Either a single deposit form sole proprietor depositing schedule or a small business deposit form, we will complete your tax return within an appropriate time and efficient manner while ensuring that you get the lowest tax bill (i.e. the highest amount of tax) at that you are entitled to.

Strategic Tax Planning

Most people think of their taxes only when it is time to pay, but planning can save you unnecessary stress and anxiety, as well as a lot of money. We will assess your current tax status, look at last year’s tax return, and the project will be carried forward to the end of this year to give you an idea of your position.

Then we will provide ideas, tips, and strategies to reduce your tax liability, increase tax refunds, and take advantage of all the individual tax exemptions and benefits you qualify for.