IIoT Smart Sensor:

The ability of smart sensor is that it allows uploading the data on the cloud, and also it offers remote monitoring, Remote configuration, smart calibration, and have to ability to sense multiple parameters


“It converts traditional motors into smart, wirelessly connected devices. It enables users to monitor the health of their motors and to plan maintenance in advance. Unplanned downtime can be avoided, efficiency optimized and safety improved.”

Measured Parameters include Radical, Tangential, and Axial Vibration (Velocity RMS), Skin Temperature, Magnetic Field, Acoustic Signals, Time, Vibration FFT, and time waveform

Health Parameters includes Overall Motor Condition & Vibration, Bearing Condition, Misalignment, Unbalance, Bent Shaft, and Rotor Winding Health

Operating Parameters include Output Power, Operating Hours, Number of Starts, Speed, Motor Supply Frequency, Loading, Torque, and Direction of Rotation

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Bearing: “The vibration sensor in the Smart Sensor for mounted bearings is a MEMS accelerometer. The ability to monitor mechanical products remotely allows maintenance and other relevant personnel to safely get a health check without touching the equipment”

Gearbox:” The sensor gives warnings on decreasing health status, which allows you to plan maintenance before there is a problem and the system is down. The sensor possesses the ability to monitor mechanical products remotely”

Measured Parameters including Temperature Parameters (Measurement Range, Resolution, and Accuracy)

and Vibration Parameters (Amplitude & Frequency Range, and Direction type)

Operating Parameters includes Bearing Condition, Misalignment, Unbalance, and Bent Shaft

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“Converts traditional pumps into smart, wirelessly connected devices. It enables you to monitor the health of your pumps, identify inefficiencies and improve reliability and safety”

Health Parameters including Overall Condition & Vibration (velocity RMS), Bearing Condition, Misalignment, Unbalance, Looseness, Blade Problems, and Skin Temperature

Operating Parameters includes Radical, Tangential, and Axial Vibration (Velocity RMS), Speed (rpm), Operating hours, and Number of starts

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